Do I Need a Website?

Do I need a website?

Any business large or small should have their own website to present themselves online. Customers need to see that you are professionals and that you have invested in your business.

The statistics show that over 60% of small businesses in the UK do not have a website. This is a staggering amount when you consider the web has been available since 1991.

A website is not only a point of contact, but an affirmation of your business and it's services. You wouldn't think of trading without a business card, so think of a website as your business card online.

What’s the role of my website anyhow?

Probably the most important question to consider. The number one reason to have a website is so you can be easily found if someone is searching for you on the web.
Your site displays your phone number and address, and how to get in touch by email. It is like you business card on the web.

Having an easy to remember web address (domain name) goes a long way to helping too. I always quote the DIY giant B&Q as an example.
Apart from the fact that you can’t have a ‘&’ in a web address, B&Q chose ‘’. This domain name ticks all the boxes as it is short, punchy and easy to remember. Quite often people like to register their trading name as their domain name. This is fine if it’s easy to remember, but it's just a good to have one that is a short description of what you supply, such as ''.

You could also have a name that's catchy, an example would be ‘’. As far as I know this name has nothing to do with music, and yet people remember it.

A website also shows you are a professional trader or company and not a 'fly by night’ trader. Everyone knows it's free to have a Facebook page, so although Facebook is good for making new contacts, it’s not the place to use for showing you products and services as a professional.

Why shouldn't I make my own website?

A beautifully designed website might look nice, but if it fails to help the user find what they are looking for or lacks a logical progression through the site, then it fails to do the job. Adversely, if it is well thought through and has good content but is badly designed with poor graphics, then it fails to engage the users and looks unprofessional.

This is part of why a website's design, build and ongoing review is key in engaging and helping your customers to get the very best from your site. It’s a fine balance of having well designed but not fussy content, that is to-the-point and explanatory, without filling the page with text and information. The information should be easy to find and logically displayed, without destroying the user experience.

Your site should be updated regularly so that existing users and new users are engaged with your site and that the information is current.

Will a website get me more business?

Imagine all the fish in the ocean and then one day another fish appears.
The local fish might just find him but the rest of the ocean wouldn't.

A new website is a bit like this. You need to promote your website to make people aware of its presence. This can be done with online promotions like google ads, email campaigns, search engine optimisation (SEO), postal campaigns, leaflet drops and inserts, online and print advertising, vehicle graphics and your business stationery. These are just some of the ways to get you name out there.
Getting your site listed on other websites is also important as this help Google increase you're ranking. These are called ‘backlinks’.

There are many more factors to the role of a website, the above is just the basics, plus it all depends on your type of business and what you hope to achieve.

You update, We update

Clients want a website that is created with current technology and one they can edit themselves.
The websites we build have this capability and much more besides, but the reality is very few people actually have the time, IT skills and staff to maintain and update their own website.
We provide training for those clients that want to maintain their own sites, and we also provide periodic updates and maintenance packages for those clients who would like us to maintain their sites for them. It's often far more cost effective and faster for us to do the work, as it's what we do every day!

Understanding the Jersey Market

Unlike the UK, Jersey has a unique way of living and doing business.
It's important to understand the local market and to tailor your website and promotions accordingly. Jersey has a large amount of sole traders and small businesses that all share the same local market and who are competing for customers. It’s important to have a clear picture of how a company ticks and what it’s goals are when creating a website or other related material. Ultimately this is proven by building a good working relationship.
We don’t just want to build you a website and then move on. Any website needs to be adjusted and developed as an ongoing project in order for it to stay relevant and fresh.