Web Services

Apart from developing websites, we also supply the related services that are needed to publish a site online.


A 'domain name' is the term used for what most people would call a web address.

We purchase domain names on our clients behalf for speed and simplicity, but the domain is always registered in the client's name.

We then manage the domain to make sure it can access our web server that hosts the site files.

The domain also handles routing of all email under a domain name.


The files that are created when building your site have to live somewhere on the web and be accessible when a user navigates to your site. This is where a web server come into play.

You files are stored on the web server and 'served' when a request is sent across the web.

Our web servers run the latest technology, being SSD hard drives (Solid State Drives) which have no moving parts, just like you smart phone. The access speed of these servers are much faster than traditional spinning hard drives. They are more reliable and less likely to fail.

Secure SSL Certificates

You will need a secure website when trading online and have customer account creation and online payments. A site 'Certificate' (https) means the information sent across the web to your site is encrypted and secure.

This is an absolute requirement for online trading.


Email has become one of the most important forms of communication, sometimes being used more than the telephone. Gone are the days when email was compared to regular postal mail!

Email has to be rock-solid and reliable and be capable of handling large attachments.

We recommend to our clients to use the worlds biggest email service 'G Suite' for its speed and reliability.